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... of our work
Our experienced partners and I focus on the human being and the client's conceptions and personality as well as his needs, while we create and preserve a personal branding. We draw upon a strong concept that renews, refreshes and surprises, thus developing the human experience.
For us, architectural design involves the strategic formation of the image of the business, so that it ensures its promotion and establishes high status, expressing the present state with an eye for future development. Our starting point can be functionality along with the essential tendency for art, beauty, surprise, and astonishment. In this way, the unexpected is part of the architectural project by drawing upon knowledge, experience, creativity and variety of choices. We create spaces with identity which always flourish even in periods of big changes, since they function as landmarks. The identity seems to tells a story and is essential to every space from house, hotel, pharmacy as well as workspace. The story in discourse with the past refers to and involves the present and, of course, turns an eye to the future.

The story turns into an experience that increases the long term importance of space and leads to a trip into the unknown through the exploration of the place. Every detail tells something extraordinary and unforgettable into the eyes of those who enter the space, transforming it eventually into an experience of emotions.

... of our team
Uncompromising creative
Our creative team and I work very hard, with imagination, passion and an eye for quality in order to reach the goals we set every time. These are the criteria for the choice of our associates. 

We care to create a friendly and cozy environment, give a sense of security and credibility to our collaborators, and have family-like atmosphere that respects our employees' personality, enhances their creative imagination and ensures the freedom of personal development.
 We believe that transparency and clarity in interpersonal relations is essential to a productive collaboration. It is also a requisite that our partners show responsibility to, understanding to and good communication with our clients. Their right interpretation of clients' interest and needs guarantees the perfect outcome.
We have achieved all these years to be a productive team, from the architect and decorator to the carpenter and plumber, which realizes the unique needs of every client and aims at the perfect materialization of the project. Young people with great educational records and knowledge as well as fresh and innovative ideas and passion for creativity come together with years-long experience and established knowledge that older people hold. The outcome justifies the trust of our clients to us.

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Together we create

We believe that the creation of spaces with high aesthetic and strong identity is closely related to the increase of product sales in workspaces and the mood uplifting in residential spaces.

This belief motivates us to undertake the study of various and different spaces, from large-scale projects, e.g public sector works, hotels etc, to small-scale projects e.g. offices, pharmacies, houses etc.

Public architecture refers to a community of people and therefore, we aim to meet their needs as a whole and give solutions to everyday problems. We also create workspaces that are competitive in the market as they are more effective in promoting their products, which results in the increase of new customers and the better customer service. The business success is ensured through the creation of strong branding, while their functionality and ergonomics allow the employees to work more productively and efficiently with less effort. In residential projects, we build spaces that fit the lifestyle of inhabitants so that they enjoy every minute of their lives in them. These are spaces that inspire, provide comfort and enhance the quality of everyday life through innovative solutions and ideas, extraordinary and original design that are far from standardization, thus offering a "new dynamic". Especially now, more than any other period of our lives, we need to inhabit spaces that are peaceful and beautiful in order to relax and restore from everyday stress and fatigue.
Every detail is studied carefully from the concept and design to the colors and materials, so that space is not only modern, cozy and functional but also gives a sense of serenity. Those are features that we are able to adjust to the economic conditions of our clients and the era we live in.Our success is this, as we are in a position to materialize our clients' plans and meet their needs, from low-cost to more expensive solutions depending on the clients' demands and wishes, without reducing the quality of our designs and the materials we use. Our work is adapted to their conception, thus implementing value for money solutions with consistency and loyalty to the human being. We invest in trust, directness and originality which defines our approach with the aim of offering suitable and complete solutions. We respect the professional who wants to succeed and are on their side both before and after the project completion.