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Two storey residence

2004 - Skalani, Crete

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The plot has an area of 1.8 acres and is set to "Patatakia" of municipal road Prassa - Skalani, in Heraklion.
The house of 200sqm is serving the residence of the family. The scale and proportions of the local architecture acted as a strong reference to the composition of the volumes of the new building, in a modern way and without any effort of imitation. Thus, the lean volumes were synthesized together to create housing, adding both aesthetic changes in the sizes and form. The semi-outdoor spaces and terraces, in addition to their functional role, complete the modeling of volumes.
The location of the building on the plot took for granted both the shape of the land and existing zoning laws and restrictions and also the relationship of the building with orientation and views. The building develops to north- south axis. Centrally, the entrance hall is the element of union of two-story south of the north ground floor, creating a pleasing visual game sizes and proportions.
Downstairs were created the living rooms. The core  is the living room with large windows which provide unobstructed views of the sea and rich natural lighting inside. In the southern two-storey section are the kitchen, dining room and guest house with a WC. The first floor accommodates the bedrooms of children and the masterbedroom which was designed towards ensuring relevant desired independence of the  masterbedroom .
The architectural design reflects the personality and responds to the needs and desires of owners, while a net into blocks space that stimulates the senses created, preserving the personal touch of the architect.