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Cactus Bay Hotel

2017 - Stalis, Crete

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The renovation of Cactus Bay Hotel was a special challenge, both in terms of design as well as in terms of time. The complexity of the existing building, with the abundance of unconnected elements and the excessive information in the form of billboards on the main facade of the building, has been replaced with a more minimal but simultaneously functional design. The changes were made on a functional and aesthetic level, concerning the reshaping of the room interiors as well as the outdoor space and the pool. Furthermore, a new bar is created, new pergolas are added, and the facades of the buildings are redesigned.Regarding the facades, the decorative columns of the balconies, the billboards and the decorative tiles were removed and replaced with simple, clear volumes and lines. The materials used are stone and plaster and are combined harmoniously with metal and wood on the new canopies. Also, the main facade of the building was better defined in comparison to its former "loquacious" state, and clean movements around the complex were created. Special attention was given to the design of the surrounding space as well as to the element of water, with the swimming pool leading the way, practically and aesthetically. The pool was redesigned and relocated so that it stretches along the rooms while distinct sitting areas and paths are created. Alongside the pool, a new bar is designed, from where there is direct visual contact to the pool, that is accompanied by covered semi-open spaces.In terms of interior design, the rooms are redesigned from the beginning and acquire a minimal style by choosing simple colors and textures. In addition, we take advantage of the location of the complex in relation to the water element so that all rooms can now enjoy a view towards the sea. Thus, window openings, which act as paintings with a sea theme, are created. Overall, our proposal is characterized by a simple, yet essential language, with the main objective being that of accentuating the hotel as a high standard hotel facility through modern design interventions.