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Carolina Mare Hotel

2013 - Malia, Crete

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The design of Carolina Mare was a challenge for us. The client's goal was the conversion of the existing touristic accommodation complex into a fully functional and pleasing environment which succeeds in meeting contemporary needs of accommodation and recreation. Our office set high standards by aiming at its transformation rather than its conversion by making it not just functional but an appealing touristic destination.
The existing complex was densely built with little free spaces and narrow passages. Each building was the result of the gradual expansion of the complex and was built in different time periods. Buildings were scattered and different from one another. They did not constitute one single unit, as their form and the combination of materials were not part of one coherent architecture language. Indoor spaces and the rooms could be characterized as "colorless" and "empty", which reveals the absence of identity. The outcome was a complex without coherence and style. Therefore, it was necessary to solve problems of functionality and aesthetics.
Our first priority was to unify free open spaces and turn them into a network of such movements that makes the free open spaces seem like clearings. This is realized through the use of materials and the play of light. This play creates pleasing and interesting passages to the sea view. This is reinforced from the use of glass and the water elements, the reflections of which create rich aesthetic spaces while they give the sense that they are bigger. Moreover, the frames and the colors on the outer parts of the buildings enhance the coherence of the complex, thus making it a single unit in the contemporary era. The indoor spaces as well as the rooms highlight the quality of the services of the hotel since they have been upgraded to spaces of high aesthetic quality as we achieved to provide rooms with sea view and view to the open green spaces as well as immediate access to the pools with respect for privacy. Therefore, we make the traveler feel at home and, in turn, prolong their visit.
These interventions enhance the status of the hotel since they give a good first impression to the customer, regarding not only its spaces but also its services. We managed with few but apt, smart and cost-effective interventions to create a hotel of special quality that upgrades the local touristic product, thus making it competitive both locally and nationwide.