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Douloufakis Optical Store

2011 - Heraklion, Crete

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The shop is 45 sq.m. approximately and consists of ground floor and attic, is located at the confluence of Averof Street and Evans. A major challenge for the design was the fact that the store is developed following the pharmacy Douloufakis Nicholas, as part of the existing building, but there is no communication between the two sites. The aim of the design was to create a corporate identity style feature counterpart pharmacy.
The functionality of the site is ensured by clear organization and the separation of the different functions of the store, and the ground floor are exhibited the various products, while the staircase at the rear of the store leads to the loft where the laboratory is located. The discrete modules on the ground floor create the appropriate "background" to highlight the products exposed for sale. This products are organized events like a path, ie an axis connecting the entrance of the store on the street Averof the service counter.
The area, the operation and characteristics of the store justifying data and determine the potential for architectural solution and design, coupled with a general configuration strategy "image '' of the company, which ensures" view "and" prestige "of a company exists and is proven in the field over 40 years.